SIMPLY THE BEST: Barnhart has become the premier turbine erection contractor. In the recent years we have erected a significant portion of the new wind energy technology in the country. We have developed a reputation for excellence, innovation and reliability – especially on some of the most challenging projects imaginable. Our services range from site erection and mechanical completion to on-going maintenance and repair. You need someone with experience, skill and proven performance. You need Barnhart. Top developers and owners have all agreed that Barnhart erects the best-built turbines in the business. As it has been said many times - “No one does it better.” Barnhart has brought significant innovation to the industry to help get your project on-line faster and bring down construction and maintenance costs, which points to what we are known for: “Minds Over Matter.”

Craft Labor & Supervision

  • Safety statistics are better than industry average.
  • Experienced supervision promotes increased crew productivity, lessens the potential of injuries, and expedites project completion.
  • Quality control program that ensures all erection tasks are performed in accordance with turbine supplier's installation manual and with the project's reference turbine.

Project Management

  • Zero punch list installation projects.
  • With Barnhart project management, new capabilities are offered, including:
    • Management interface for all customer initiatives, problem resolution, and staffing level adjustment.
    • Cost accounting and weekly progress budget reports.
    • Local purchasing capability and financial controls for equipment, fuel, and tooling.

Logistics & Equipment

  • Barnhart can handle total project logistics from point of origin through mechanical completion.
  • Turbine transport services from railhead or up 20% grades.

Maintenance Services

  • Barnhart has experience in providing "A-Services" labor support on various models of wind turbines and can apply our experience to increase productivity on future sites.
  • Full maintenance support for both equipment and personnel.

Generator Replacements

  • Barnhart has extensive experience in replacing generators in wind turbines.
  • Replacements involve: disassembly of nacelle, heavy rigging, removal of generator, final laser alignment, recoupling, and reassembly of turbine.

Onsite Gearbox Repair Services

  • Barnhart's turbine technician crews are experienced in rotating equipment disassembly, identification of subcomponents requiring repair, reassembly and return of the equipment back to service.

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